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About Us

JayDee at ThirdShift Vintage

The Face Behind the Brand

Hi! My name is JayDee and I'm the owner of ThirdShift... and I have a passion for vintage items! I started ThirdShift in 2011 - and since that time, I have shipped over 14,000 vintage treasures to new homes around the world!

I love travelling near and far to seek out unique vintage items. I enjoy digging through dusty barns, wandering through flea markets, and pouring through estate sale items to find perfect vintage treasures to love. My heart beats a little faster every time I spot something that I "know" is a perfect fit for ThirdShift and my customers.

The products at ThirdShift are ever-changing. You’re sure to find something that reminds you of your childhood, something that would make the perfect gift for someone, or a perfect piece for your home, office, or man cave decor! 

My family and I live in rural Minnesota. When we aren't out adventuring and rescuing vintage treasures, we enjoy the outdoors, entertaining family and friends at home, and I love to pursue my photography hobby. 


Why Vintage? 

It's a great feeling to own a special piece of the past and have it on display in your home. Something that makes your decor unique. Something that is no longer made, but still has a life and history of its own. Vintage items have character! These vintage relics often leave an impression on you... they quickly become treasures that leave an imprint on your heart.

Knowing a vintage piece had a previous owner makes it fun and exciting to imagine the item's history! If only vintage treasures could talk, imagine the tales they could tell!

You're In the Right Place!

If you’re looking for unique vintage, you’re in the right place. I enjoy offering you the items you want... putting your desires at the top of my priority list.

ThirdShift is a fun, simple, and unique shopping experience to help you obtain vintage treasures, all from the comfort of your home. I believe passionately in offering awesome vintage items and exceptional customer service, which is why I commit to giving you the best of both.  

Going Full Time

When I first started ThirdShift, I owned and operated two other businesses. I worked late nights and weekends to establish this new business... that's how I came up with the name "ThirdShift". I knew this is where I wanted to focus all my energy and passion that I have for vintage. ThirdShift is now 100% of my focus and is my full time business. 

A Family Affair

ThirdShift is truly a family effort. My husband is the technical handyman - able to restore, repair, re-engineer, rebuild or renovate most anything. My three boys are my partners, and travel with me on our treasure-hunting adventures. We have so much fun working together!

In the Media

Our shop and products have been featured in Country Living Magazine, national online magazines, such as Lonny and Apartment Therapy, and on numerous designer blogs.

Our unique vintage products have been used as props in period television shows, Showtime and HBO mini-series, as props in popular movies, as well as props in photo shoots for major clothing designers. 

It's so exciting to see our treasures find their way to all corners of the world... and see some become TV stars! See more at In the Media.



ThirdShift on Apartment Therapy

ThirdShift in Antique Trader

Making This Fun For You!

I think everyone should have FUN in their lives! And I am dedicated to creating a fun shopping experience for you. How do I do this? By:

  • Carefully selecting only items that we genuinely love.
  • Maintaining an exciting and eclectic assortment of vintage pieces for you to choose from.
  • Sharing why we love these items, and also sharing our creative ideas for using these items with you - something unique to ThirdShift!
  • Giving you a 360-view of many of our products, so you can take it for a spin. We are adding more 360-views all the time! 


Have fun shopping at ThirdShift - we’ll keep on working overtime to bring you more exciting items! 

Click here to shop for awesome (and authentic) vintage at ThirdShift!

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Word-of-mouth referrals by people that appreciate ThirdShift and want to tell their friends about us have helped our business grow.  With the help of the internet and social media, the reach of word-of-mouth is truly global.  Keep in touch with us, and share us with your friends! You can find ThirdShift Vintage here:

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Check Out Our Blog

We have a very active blog at . We write about all things vintage - including shopping tips for estate sales, flea markets, yard sales, and auctions. We also have fun articles about the history of vintage, as well as tips and do-it-yourself (DIY) articles on how to upcycle vintage or find unexpected ways to use vintage pieces. Our blog also has a Vintage Resources section with links to a variety of places where you can find more information when researching vintage. We hope you'll check it out, and we always love to read your comments.

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