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Vintage "Bodyscope" Illustrated Anatomical Book with Dials (c.1935) -
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Vintage "Bodyscope" Illustrated Anatomical Book with Dials (c.1935) - Vintage "Bodyscope" Illustrated Anatomical Book with Dials (c.1935) - Vintage "Bodyscope" Illustrated Anatomical Book with Dials (c.1935) - Vintage "Bodyscope" Illustrated Anatomical Book with Dials (c.1935) - Vintage "Bodyscope" Illustrated Anatomical Book with Dials (c.1935) - Vintage "Bodyscope" Illustrated Anatomical Book with Dials (c.1935) - Vintage "Bodyscope" Illustrated Anatomical Book with Dials (c.1935) - Vintage "Bodyscope" Illustrated Anatomical Book with Dials (c.1935) - Vintage "Bodyscope" Illustrated Anatomical Book with Dials (c.1935) - Vintage "Bodyscope" Illustrated Anatomical Book with Dials (c.1935) -

Vintage "Bodyscope" Illustrated Anatomical Book with Dials (c.1935)

$ 580.00

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Add this unique illustrated anatomical Bodyscope book to your collection, or use it as an interesting display piece in your home or office.

This large folio (approximately 16" x 20") was published in 1935. It was created by Ralph H. Segal.

The book has leatherette-covered boards and contains two large double-sided color-lithographed paper-covered card sleeves with a turning card disc inside. The charts are made of a heavy cardboard, and are very ornate teaching charts. All four charts have three windows that provide a cutaway view of the torso and its accompanying legends. To rotate what is displayed in these windows, just turn the dial on the edge of the chart. The dial includes five different views inside the cutouts. There is a numbered key below the figures to indicate which organ system is currently being displayed.

The first chart includes the head, the nervous system, the eye, the ear, the skin, and the teeth. The second chart includes the male anatomy. and the third chart includes the female anatomy.

The last chart includes information regarding the lungs, the heart, and the reproductive organs.

Each chart includes detailed information in the panels. The charts have art deco flourishes on each page. The columns on either side of the arched legends hold portraits of historical luminaries of medicine like Vesalius, Hippocrates, Aristotle, and Leonardo da Vinci. Most of the text is anatomical description. However, the legends directly above the figures relate not to science, but to the larger social and moral context in which human anatomy was taught.

For the man:
Man’s great Accomplishments and noble Aspirations are achieved through the possession of a Sound Mind and a Healthy Body . . . In these Attributes lie the Bulwark of Man’s Social, Moral, and Domestic Structure: the Foundation which perpetuates Humanity’s Existence.

For the woman:
Woman, her creative body as wisely patterned by God, is the Abode wherein the Seed is endowed with Life and imbued with a Soul. . . Her Maternal nurturing and inspirational influence are reflected in Mankind’s aspirations; the fruits of which become her Reward.

This book is a fine collectible and would look great displayed in a home or office. Perfect for a medical student or doctor!

The Bodyscope book is in very good vintage condition. The book cover has edge wear, and the outside covering on the binding is somewhat flaky, as shown. The binding remains tight and the pages are securely attached. The charts are in excellent condition, with no stains, marks, rips or tears. The dials turn with ease. Please use the ZOOM tool to get a close up view of this item and its condition.

- 1 Bodyscope Illustrated Book (as shown)

- Product Material: Heavy Card
- Product Color: Black and Gold Cover, inner pages are mostly ivory with colorful embellishments. The charts are in full color.
- Product Dimensions: approximately 16" wide x 20" tall


This is one of the most unique and decorative books we've seen - it really is amazing.

We love the extra large size of this book, as that makes it perfect for displaying on a wall or on a shelf so it can be viewed from everywhere in the room.

We love the ornate art deco look to the pages. And the wheels! They are incredible! Just spin the dial and a different body part appears within the cutouts of the book.


There are many ways you could use this book! Here are some ideas:

  • Wall Art - Create a frame for all around the book and hang it on the wall. Without glass in the frame, you will still be able to rotate the dials. A great look!
  • Coffee Table - Imagine how cool this book would look under glass used as a coffee table - sure to be a conversation piece! The book will remain safe encased in glass and everyone who passes by will be intrigued by your unique coffee table.

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  • How did you come up with the price? I just found the exact same one, not great condition, for $6 at a rummage sale. I couldn't find any info on it other than your site. Thanks for any help.

    Wow! That is fantastic that you found this book for $6! Sometimes people selling through yard sales or rummage sales don't know the true value of an item they have when they sell it. You scored big! Congratulations!

    I had this book professionally appraised, then I lowered the price slightly to make it more affordable for my customers. 

    I recommend you bring your book in to an antique appraiser and have it appraised. Even if it isn't in as good shape as the one I have, you may still have something that is worth a nice amount. 

    I hope this helps! Congratulations on that great score again!